Thursday, December 15, 2005

Well, in the battle of the Serbian superpowers, Darko's Pistons beat Peja Stojakovic's Kings by a score of 109-98. Coach Flip decided to rest Darko for most of the game, and while things were in hand by the time Darko came in, he still went out there and put on a show!

Mr. Milicic played for two minutes and managed to get two blocks in those two minutes! Impressive work from a guy who didn't even really get a chance to warm up. If Darko were to keep up that pace over a full 48 minute game, he would finish the game with about 2000 blocks!

Come on, Flippy... let Darko play a full game so that he can throw a big old block party! (The Bulls are coming to town on Friday ---no time like the present!)


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