Thursday, November 17, 2005

Well, Darko managed to get in some first half playing time against Boston on Tuesday night, but he was pulled after four minutes in favour of Antonio McDyess, apparently because his defense wasn't quite up to snuff against Al Jefferson. He also got another garage-time minute in at the end of the game, scoring the team's last basket of the night.

The good news? Darko managed to grab three total rebounds, matching his season-high and establishing a new season high for offensive boards, with two. He also doubled his previous season-high in points with four! At that pace, Darko would grab 29 rebounds and score 38 points over the course of a full game of 48 minutes. That would have been more than enough to offset any defensive shortcomings he may have demonstrated against All Jefferson, who has only ever managed to score 19 points (one ha lf of 38!) only once in his entire career.

Come on, Flip... give Darko the entire second quarter against Houston on Friday and see what he can do. Given enough time to get his motor running, Darko may well make mincemeat out of Yao!


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