Monday, November 14, 2005

Well, both the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press have articles this morning about the lack of playing time for some of the players, Darko in particular.

The News headline is: "Saunders: Bench players deserve game time
Coach vows to make better use of Darko and others to give starting five additional rest."
and the Free Press headline is: "PISTONS CORNER: Saunders looking to play Milicic, Delfino ".

Apparently, Coach Flip thinks that Ben Wallace got pretty fatigued with the back-to-back games against the Suns and the Blazers, and has stated "Darko's going to get back in there... He had some bad matchup situations (against Phoenix and Portland)." He's promising to get Darko some playing time early in tomorrow night's game against Boston, probably in the first quarter.

Flip, we in Darko Nation are hoping that you hold true to your word! Don't let us down by not playing Darko... he certainly won't let you down if you do play him!


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