Saturday, December 10, 2005

Well, the Pistons were in Oakland last night and beat the Golden State Warriors by a score of 106-103. Darko Milicic once again got skunked on the stats sheet; he did not get off the bench.

Flip is clearly not giving Darko a chance to prove his talent. Since it seems evident at this point that Darko will continue to receive significant bench time into the indefinite future, perhaps he should occupy his time there more productively by picking up a new hobby or other activity. He could knit himself sweaters to keep himself warm on the cold Detroit bench... or perhaps he could write letters home to his mother in Serbia... or invent a new splinter removal tool, based on the post-game experience he has gained in that field... or he might be able to get himself an XBOX 360 and play as himself on NBA 2K6 or NBA Live 06... or, better still, maybe get himself a laptop, start his own blog and post to it during games. The possibilities are endless.


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