Sunday, November 27, 2005

On Friday night, the Pistons lost in double overtime at home to the Wizards, 120-114. Darko had the best seat in the house, as he watched the entire game from the bench without getting one second of playing time.

On Saturday night in Washington, the story was a bit different. Darko played about ten minutes, contributing another two blocks, and the Detroit won 85-76 over the Bucks. According to the Detroit News, Darko actually had four blocks in a single possesion! From coach Flip Saunders: "I know one thing, the guy here can't count blocks."

These events lead me to think about a couple of things. Darko has been benched three times this season, and the Pistons have gone 2-1 in those games. In games in which Darko has received playing time, Detroit has gone an amazing 8-1. The only possible logical conclusion that you can draw from these numbers is that Detroit is a helluva lotta better team with Darko in the lineup.

Another thing to cinsider it the way Darko has been piling up stuffs. On a blocks per-48 minutes basis, Darko is third in the entire NBA with 6.52! Just imagine how high that number would be if all of Mr. Milicic's blocks were actually recorded on the scoresheet!

Next stop is New Jersey on Wednesday. Vince Carter had better not get any ideas about going up the middle, or he may well find his Vinsanity swatted away by the ever-ready Serbian gangster!


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