Saturday, November 19, 2005

Well, the Pistons rolled along to their eighth straight victory, beating the Rockets by a score of 78-70. Darko got about five and a half minutes of non-garbage time, and while he didn't score any baskets, he did manage to show some aggressiveness in giving Dikembe Motumbo a fairly hard foul and then following it up by blocking one of Motumbo's shots. Some message board users were clearly happy to see this sequence of events play out. Darko also managed to block another shot during his playing time.

Once Darko starts getting some real minutes, it looks as though he will be ready to do a good job on both ends of the floor. This guy is going to be something big.

Tonight, Darko leads the Pistons into Dallas, where they are hopefully going to get Win Number 9 and put that Mark Cuban into a sour mood.


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