Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hey everyone,

Darkorules not back up to full speed just yet, but we do want to make a quick note of Darko's great play in recent games. He was number 8 in total blocks this season heading into tonight's game against Charlotte and he managed to make four more swats this evening, leading the Magic to a 97-83 victory, their fourth straight.

Darko also scored 14 points on a career-tying seven field goals in the game, and also managed to tie career marks in assists with three and steals with two. He also grabbed eight boards for good measure. All of this was done in just 24 minutes of work! Amazing!

Ten games into the season, Darko has already played more minutes (193) than he did in his entire rookie season. This guy is finally getting his chance and he is making the best of it. He will probably set new career marks in all categories by the end of the season. Onward and upward, Darko!


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