Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hello everyone,

Goodness, it has been a while since DarkoRules was last in action. Fourteen games have gone by since the last update. There are a few noteworthy things to mention about this stretch:

- The two games out of the fourteen in which Darko received the largest amount of playing time were both wins against Minnesota, one on January 24 and one on February 1. Flip Saunders' dislike of his former team is clearly extremely strong, as it overpowers his almost steadfast preference of keeping Darko on the bench.
- The Pistons have lost four of their last nine games. Darko did not play at all in any of the lesses.
- Darko missed a shot against New Jersey in the Pistons' 85-71 win last night. This was the first missed field goal for Darko since December 17. Darko went almost two months without missing a field goal!

While these tidbits are interesting, they absolutly pale in comparison to what may be going down as early as today. There are strong rumblings that Darko will be traded to the Orlando Magic! This is huge! Stay tuned to DarkoRules. We will update you as soon as some substantive news come out!


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