Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hey everyone. After a few months out of commission, I want to let everyone know that DarkoRules will be back in business soon!

Despite what the title of this blog states, 2006-2007 will be Darko's true rookie season, as Darko fans had to sit with him on the bench for almost an entire season once again. Thank goodness for the late-season trade to Orlando!

What has happened in the last few months?

- Darko did indeed exact his revenge against Detroit that fine April evening, shooting 80% from the field and leading the Magic to an 89-87 victory.
- He played great at the FIBA World Championship in Japan, even with his Serbian team in disarray
- He built up a ton of muscle over the summer (15 to 28 pounds' worth, depending on who you talk to)
- Our man had a great pre-season, although it was a bit shortened because of a back injury

How is Darko doing two games into the new season? Well... last night against the Sixers, he was only on the floor for 14 minutes because of foul trouble throughout the game, but still managed to shoot 5 of 6 from the field and put up 11 points! Unfortunately, the Magic lost 105-103 to Philadelphia. If the referees had not been so whistle-happy, Darko would have led his team to victory in all likelihood!

Oh well, one loss does not a season make. Darko did lead his team to a win against what looks to be a great Bulls team in the season opener on Wednesday, and there are still 80 games of fun to go.

With concerns about playing time a thing of the past, let's all sit back and enjoy the Darko show from here on in!


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I think Darko made me pregnant.

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