Thursday, February 23, 2006

Darko played 3 minutes and 43 seconds in his Orlando Magic debut on Tuesday night in Cleveland. The Magic lost by a score 105-92, but Darko did score two points on an absolutely beautiful left-handed reverse layup that was probably one of the 2000 prettiest plays of this NBA season.

"That's the fewest minutes he's going to see all season," was what head coach Brian Hill had to say about Darko's playing time following the game, according to The Detroit News.

So was Bri telling the truth? Last night, Orlando lost to the New Jersey Nets by a score of 96-93. Darko's line on the boxscore turned out to be yet another DNP. Bri guy lied.

It took Larry Brown maybe half a season to turn Darko Nation against him. It took Flip Saunders maybe a quarter of a season to turn Darko Nation against him. Brian Hill has been far more expedient, taking only two games to earn the ire of Darko Nation. Come on, Brian. Isn't it bad enough that you look like a smarmy used car salesman?

Here's hoping that Darko sees at least ten minutes on the court in his home debut against Seattle tomorrow night.


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