Monday, February 27, 2006

Darko's Magic act has begun!

D-Mil was asked to get his butt off the bench in the last two games and he responded with two of the most beautiful triple singles you ever will see!

On Friday night, in a 102-89 win against the SuperSonics, Darko got 22 minutes of court action and went three for four with a season-high eight points, a season-high five rebounds, an assist and a pair of blocks. On Sunday, the team result was a bit more disappointing, as Orlando lost by a score of 89-85, but Darko was no less impressive, scoring six points, grabbing three boards, making a lovely touch pass to Dwight Howard for an assist, and establishing new career highs in blocks, with four, and steals, with two, in his 19 minutes of play.

It sure hasn't taken him long to show Detroit how well he can play with a few minutes thrown his way. He is very likely not going to waste much time in growing into the superstar we all expected him to become.

We here at DarkoRules owe coach Brian Hill a big apology. We went so far as to insult the man's looks, which was way out of line. Brian, you are all right by us, and we want you to know that we'd happily buy a used car from you any day of the week!


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