Saturday, December 24, 2005

Last night's victims were the Golden State Warriors, who were handily beaten by the Pistons by a score of 97-85. Detroit now sits at 21-3, but what is far more important is the fact that Darko sat for the entire game YET AGAIN.

Darko is now firmly in Flip's doghouse and Flip is now firmly in DarkoRules' doghouse. Darko is simply not getting a fair shake. Consider that in his third NBA season, Darko has played for a grand total of 522 minutes, while Andrew Bogut, who has been in the league for less than a third of a season and has not exactly set the world on fire just yet, has already been on the floor for 654 minutes. Bogut has made 24 blocks in his 654 minutes, while Darko has a career total of 46 stuffs -- nearly twice as many blocks as Bogut in far fewer minutes.

Bogut has also had the advantage of getting into the flow of games and developing a rhythm, while Darko's playing time has been much more start-stop, a couple of minutes here and a couple of minutes there. Milicic has rarely even been given a chance to be on the floor for long enough to even get fully warmed up.

All we are saying is give Darko a chance!


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