Thursday, January 05, 2006

Orlando lost to the Pistons by a score of 108-99 on Tuesday night. Darko did not get out of his warmup suit for the 11th time this season.

Darko's situation has now exceeded all known levels of ridiculousness. Why is it that someone as insanely gifted as Milicic is still sitting on the bench? Let's take a moment to think things through here.

It is not as if Darko is not recognized as an incredible talent throughout the league. recently had a chat with John Hammond, VP of basketball operations. Here is what came out of it: "Hammond said a number of teams have called about Detroit players, most coming from teams interested in Milicic." In other words, NBA teams are breaking the door down trying to trick the Pistons into giving away Darko!

Hammond refers to Darko as a young big man who "has tremendous upside" and is a "valuable asset." So it is clear that the Pistons know what they have in Darko, but why is it that they have not been playing this valuable asset? Joe Dumars is no dummy and has surely noticed by now that Flip Saunders is up to no good. We here at DarkoRules suspect that Joe probably has some tricks up his sleeve.

It may well be the case that Joe is waiting until the end of the regular season to act. This is just conjecture at this point, but imagine if Joe waited until mid-April to finally get rid of Flip and then introduced Darko into the starting lineup for the playoffs? Such a move would confuse the heck out of the rest of the NBA teams, many of which have been drafting up plans for defeating Detroit in the playoffs. Introducing Darko at such a time would throw a huge monkeywrench into these plans, and these clubs would not have enough time to regroup. They would not know what hit them. The combination of Darko's talent with the element of surprise would likely lead to a second championship in three years.

Flip can have his fun for now with his silly little doghouse... but let's wait and see how much fun he will be having at season's end.


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