Sunday, November 06, 2005

As expected, the Pistons completely thrashed the Raptors last night, winning 117-84. Darko managed to get his most significant amount of playing time thus far in the season with 15:46 of playing time, but he only contributed 2 points to the big total.

This was the first Pistons game that I managed to see on TV this season. Milicic did not look out of place on the court, but did not seem to have the type of boundless energy I was expecting him to display. As I have read in the press and on message forums, Darko was very quick to pick up other players' men on defense, and I am not certain if that is a bad thing or a good thing.

Probably the biggest problem with the game last night was that it must have reminded Milicic of the type of playing time he had over the last two seasons. Darko got into a bit of a funk because he was used to going in during garbage time... well, against the Raptors, pretty well THE ENTIRE GAME WAS GARBAGE TIME. Detroit led wire to wire and almost seemed bored against the hapless Raptors.

Toronto is a garbage team right now, with young players, a dumbass coach and they make silly quotes. A writer for the Toronto Star has recently suggested that coach Sam Mitchell may be a far overmatched incompetent in the eyes of his peers, and I don't have trouble believing that. The Raptors had only managed to put up 9 points in the second quarter of their Friday game against the Nets, and a quote was displayed on the screen from one of the Toronto players saying something to the effect of "you can't win in the NBA by scoring 9 points in a quarter." Well, golly gee, here I was sitting in my living room thinking that you could win in the NBA by scoring 9 points in a quarter.

The big positive from last night's game from Darko's perspective is the nice new slicked-backed gelled hairstyle that I got to see for the first time. That haircut screams MVP! By moving away from the blonde dye jobs, Darko is letting us know that he has big plans for this season!

Darko's next victims: The Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night (Nov. 8). It was a bit Crass of Shaq to call them the "Sacramento Queens" a season or two ago, but that's just how they'll look when Darko strolls into town and does his thing!


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