Saturday, November 05, 2005

Well, the good news from last night's game is that the Pistons eaked out an 82-81 win over the Boston Celtics last night and Darko actually got some first half playing time. The bad news is that that time consisted of only 3 minutes and 54 seconds.

Having not seen the game, I can see that the stat line shows a second straight game of nothing but one-sies and two-sies. Darko went 1 for 1 from the field, had 1 defensive rebound, 1 total rebound, 1 steal, 2 personal fouls, 1 turnover, and 1 block.

The fact that he had two fouls in such a short amount of time suggests that he is still playing with a bit of hyperactivity, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The one silver lining that we can take away from this is the fact that Darko is still leading the league with a 100% field goal percentage!

How are the other 2003 draftees doing in FG%?
LeBron: 50.0%
Carmelo: 46.8%
Dwyane Wade: 54.3%
Chris Bosh: a measly 37.9%

What does this tell us? Darko is shooting at least twice as well as any of the other top five picks in the 2003 NBA entry draft!! Take that, naysayers!

The Pistons are playing Toronto tonight. It looks as if the Raptors are quite a poor team this season, so Darko should have a great chance to feast on some dinosaur tonight. Tear them apart, big man!


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