Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wow! Just when I thought that Darko could not get any better, he went and simply dominated during last night's game against the Lakers! He shredded Pau Gasol all night in a career-best performance and looked quite confident all the way along. Goodness, he had himself a double double by halftime.

The numbers:
23 points (sets a new career high)
16 rebounds (ties his career high --- his third game with 16)
6 blocks (a new career high)
5 assists (ties his career high --- his sixth time getting 5 assists)
2 steals

He did a little bit of everything!

Just how great was Darko's night? It simply isn't enough to compare it to Gasol's performance, as it is clear who won that battle. Let's compare full stats against Kobe!

FGM-A --- Darko 10-18, Kobe 8-27. Advantage: Darko!
3PM-A --- Darko 0-0, Kobe 1-4. Advantage: Kobe (I guess)
FTM-A --- Darko 3-3, Kobe 6-7. Advantage: Draw (I guess)
Rebounds --- Darko 16, Kobe 8. Advantage: Darko!
Assists --- Darko 5, Kobe 2. Advantage: Darko!
Steals --- Darko 2, Kobe 1. Advantage: Darko!
Turnovers --- Darko 2, Kobe 4. Advantage: Darko!
Blocks --- Darko 6, Kobe 1. Advantage: Darko!
Blocks Against --- Darko 1, Kobe 3. Advantage: Darko!
W/L --- Darko L, Kobe W. Advantage: Kobe (unfortunately)

While they don't match up against each other, it is apparent that Darko had a much better game than Kobe!

On top of everything else, Darko is now tied for the league lead in blocks with 39.

Darko is really starting to find his footing and hum along. We here at DarkoRules simply can't wait to see how things unfold from here!


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